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Noni Juice Manufacturer Noni Juice Manufacturer Website to inform: We are Manufacturers of Noni Juice, Exporter , Suppliers in all over India and World Wide. We also Accept Private Lable Noni Juice - Contract Manufacturing Orders for Noni Juice for local and international Super Markets, Chain Stores, Importers, Exporters, Distributors, MLM / Network Marketing Companies.
Noni Juice Manufacturer : Pure Indian Mulberry Morinda Citrifolia Juice Supplier Exporter , India

Noni Juice Manufacturer - Apollo Noni is a reputed Noni Juice Manufacturers, supplier and Exporter in India for high quality Noni Juice , Herbal Ayurvedic Noni Juice, Morinda Citrifolia Juice, Indian Mulberry Juice, Flavor - Flavoured Noni Juice, Private Label Noni Juice, Flavor - Flavored Noni Juice , Customized Juice Products.

We are the pioneer in Noni Juice Manufacturer using Matured Organic Noni Fruits Pulp. Noni Fruit, known as Indian mulberry, is widely in use in South India for centuries, and is a small fruit grown on tree. We provide Noni Juice in Pet Green Bottles. Available in Bottle Sizes of: Noni Juice 300 ml - 400 ml - 500 ml - 800 ml - 900 ml - 1000 ml of different sizes. Noni juice is widely used in Herbal industries.

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We are India based leading Private Label , Contract Manufacturer , Private Labeling, Private label Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter for Noni Juice, Morinda Citrifolia Juice, Indian Mulberry Juice.

We have our own state of the art Noni Juice Manufacturing Plant, & Combining our family expertise with the onsite insight, With the blend of advanced manufacturing techniques and innovation, we provide a total Concept-To-Product solution, We provide outstanding personal attention and customer service through every step of production including formulation and package design.

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What is Noni ?


  • Noni is not a medicine. It is a Herbal Dietary Supplement and a Health Enhancer.
  • Noni, is a product of Apollo Noni, India.
  • Noni is a powerful Health drink that keeps us healthy always, all the time.
  • It has been used by millions for more than 2000 years.
  • Doctors recommend Noni the world over.
  • Noni is not an alternative for medicine. It actually improves the efficacy of the Medicine.
  • Noni is nature’s gift to Humanity.
  • How is the Noni Drink made ?

    Noni is made from the pure extracts of the fruits of a medicinal plant, Morinda Citrifolia, without any chemical residues, toxins, pesticides, heavy metals or fertilisers. It is processed with high care to maintain its bio-activity and keep its active components intact.

    What does Noni contain?

    Noni is rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B, B2, B6, B12, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Phos- phorus, Magnesuim, Zinc, Copper and other minerals like Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Sodium, Potassium, Carbo-hydrates and 140 + isolated nutraceuticals.

    Why is the Noni Drink known as ‘Herbal Dietary Supplement’ ?

    It is herbal and hence totally, a gift of Nature. It contains several health enhancing attributes that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, adaptagen, analgesic, anti-congestive, hypotensive, and has cancer-inhibiting compounds. It enhances cellular activity, the starting point of all nutritional metabolism.

    What are the benefits of the Regular use of Noni ?

    Rejuvenates the Body
    Revitalises the Cells
    Restores Energy
    Relieves Pain
    Reduces Inflammation
    Releases Stress
    Purifies Blood
    Stimulates Immune System
    Improves Digestion
    Enhances well being
    Regulates Cell function
    Maintains healthy Skin, Hair and Scalp
    An Effective Anti-Oxidant
    Protects you from Toxins and pollutants
    Reduces the risk of developing cancer
    Improves the memory and concentration
    Inhibits tumour growth
    Reduces chances of Premature on set of age-related dis-eases such as Arthritis, Heart disease, Diabetes or Strokes.
    Protects against Viral and bacterial strain that have become anti-biotic resistant

    These are only a few examples of an extensive list of uses and benefits that regular consumers of Noni have experienced. There is no other tonic which works at the molecular level to build the cells like Noni.

    Noni : Nature’s abundance bundled in one fruit.

    Noni is it Clean and Pure ?

    Noni is tested by world’s most reputable analytical laboratories. The test results show that the Noni is pure and more wholesome than most foods we eat everyday. Further they show that Noni is completely free from chemical and toxin residues of any kind. The reports guarantee the High Quality of the product, and they certify that Noni is immaculately clean and perfectly pure.


  • Is exclusively formulated.
  • Is backed by ongoing research.
  • Is positioned in the fast growing segment of Wellness industry.
  • Research led by a team of most committed and experienced scientists.
  • What is the proper procedure for the intake of Noni ?

    1. Find ten minutes to do this procedure.
    2. Measure the amount of Noni that you want to take, and pour it into a glass. Dilute with water, milk or other juices.
    3. Find a comfortable place to sit. Hold your glass of Noni on your lap. Relax and close your eyes.
    4. Take three long, deep breaths. On each inhale, breathe in new life and vitality. Imagine youthful energy filling your body. On each exhale, visualise the stress and tension leaving your body.
    5. Take a sip of Noni.
    6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until your dose is finished. Take as much time as you want. Meanwhile, nurture a feeling of gratitude for Noni, your body, and Nature.
    7. It is essential that Noni has to be taken on an empty stomach almost at the same time everyday so that the Proxeronine in Noni enters the intestine without being digested in the stomach. This promotes further metabolical activities.
    8. Take lots of good clean water during the day.

    Give me more ideas to make the drinking of Noni more interesting.

    1. Mix Noni in a glass of chilled Lemonade ( Sprite, Limca, Citra, Seven Up, etc.) and drink. This will taste great and you can impress your guests with the same.
    2. Mix Noni in a glass of milk (hot or cold) and children will love to drink it. Children will love this new Noni shake.
    3. Noni very good topping for ice creams. Mixes well with any fruit juice. This is a great way of keeping yourselves healthy
    4. After a long and tiring day, Noni in a glass of chilled water makes a very refreshing drink.
    5. If you meditate early in the morning, after meditation bless Noni and sip it.
    We are sure that you will find many interesting ways in which you can have Noni.
    Drink lots of water throughout the day.

    What are the possible side effects of Noni ?

    Less than 1% people are allergic to Noni. They may experience a rash, itching, mild diarrhoea, or slight belching or trouble with breathing. Most of these symptoms are part of the cleansing process of Noni. Skip a dose or two and take lots of water. Most allergic symptoms disappear within 24 hours of discontinuing Noni. If these symptoms persist, stop drinking Noni. Notify your health professional and follow his or her advice.

    Is it safe for all to drink Noni ?

    Yes. Research has proved that it is safe for all. It should be part of everyone’s daily diet because of its exceptional nutritional value.

    What is the shelf-life for Noni ?

    18 months, if not opened. After opening it tastes better when refrigerated.

    Who can take Noni ?

    Anyone, young or old can. The benefits are universal and all can avail these benefits without fear, doubt or any side effects.

    Give me some quick facts about Noni

  • Over 2,000 years of historical use.
  • Decades of ground breaking scientific research.
  • Millions of ounces consumed daily worldwide.
  • Completely herbal, hence natural.
  • Grown in the wild, not in artificial plantations.
  • Researched by 30 Universities the world over.
  • Reams of medical documentation.
  • It is not a product, but a way of Life !
  • Health Tonic, Herbal Product,